Lud’s Story

My hair started thinning when I was pregnant, and worsened immediately afterwards.

What do I need?

My life revolves around my baby’s schedule rather than mine at the moment, so it was important to find a solution to make me look and feel better immediately, and that I could fit around him.

How to achieve this?

1. Stop hair loss & get a regrowth

My doctor said my thinning hair would recover. Of course it’s easy to say it’ll get better, but in the mean time I was supposed to be the radiant new mother, and instead felt self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially being surrounded by family and visitors all the time. Some of my closer friends said I looked tired, and were quite worried, I felt awful.

As my hair loss is temporary I didn’t want to look at treatments, however many young women try the only medicine for women, called Minoxidil, or alternatives like Hair Vitamins. These products are all designed for women too, so definitely worth considering, but remember to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or worried at all.

One thing I noticed with my hair loss is that my hair was also very greasy and I had dandruff – probably from a lot of disturbed sleep! I use Gettik Shampoo which is a great anti-dandruff shampoo, makes my hair feel good, and I know it’s safe for thinning hair. Even better, the Gettik Hair Fibers work better when I’ve used Gettik Shampoo.

I then use Gettik Hair Mask twice a week. It gives a lot of lightweight volume even on my fine hair, without making it greasy or heavy.

2. Cover my thinning areas

I then apply Gettik Fibers and Gettik Fixing Spray. The Hair Fibers bind to my natural hair and it just looks like I have perfectly healthy hair again. With the Gettik Fixing Spray they stay perfectly in place all day even in the rain, so I don’t have to worry.

My Daily Hair Routine

For healthy hair growth

For covering my balding spots

My Hair Fibers Application

The Results

Before & after the Gettik hair fibers application