Based on the answers and your hair loss stage, we recommend:


Triogic is a method multiplying the drugs & treatments effect by their concurrent use. However, you need to know which anti-hair loss medications and treatments actually work.


The knowledge of “what will help and when” and “how to use it properly” is equally important!


  1. Cleanse


GETTIK SHAMPOO maintaining a healthy scalp and hair thus supporting a healthy hair growth.


  1. Support


DHT Blockers:

Vitamins containing SAW PALMETTO

Propecia (Finasteride 1mg) Use with caution. Learn possible side effects.

More about dht blocker and finasteride here:

Topical treatment – Minoxidil 5%


  1. Thicken


We recommend to try the Hair Fibres first, then consider a hair transplantation.