Roman’s Story

I’ve been losing hair gradually for quite a few years and wasn’t really concerned. However it’s started to show recently, and makes me quite self conscious. I would like to get some hair back

What do I need?

I wanted a way to reduce hair loss but also promote my natural hair growth. I know this will take time but I’m prepared to try it, it’s worth the investment to see some improvement.

How to achieve this?

1. Stop hair loss & get a regrowth

Like many men, I’ve been losing hair very gradually for several years. Initially this worried me, but then it didn’t all fall out over night, and I was busy so I almost forgot about it.

The last 6 months have been quite stressful at work, and I’ve started to be able to see where I’m losing hair. Worse, I went to a school reunion and a couple of my old friends noticed. I’ve never been the sort to worry too much about my appearance but I’ll admit it was at that point I decided I needed to improve my hair.

Many people use medicines like Minoxidil and Finasteride, these work very well. I found they can have side effects which I’d rather avoid, but speak to your doctor if concerning any of these.

I wanted a way to reduce hair loss but also promote my natural hair growth. I use the Gettik Shampoo to prepare my hair for treatment every day (it also feels really good to use). I follow then shampoo with a Hair Vitamin supplement tablets every day. Then I apply the Minoxidil – twice a day.

2. Cover my thinning areas

I have also just started using Gettik Hair Fibers and Fixing Spray particularly on my crown. The Hair Fibers bind to the natural hair on my crown and it just looks like I have a full head of hair again. With the Fixing Spray they stay perfectly in place all day so I don’t have to worry. I can even take my family swimming without worrying about how I look.

My Daily Hair Routine

For healthy hair growth

For covering my balding spots

My Hair Fibers Application

The Results

Before & after the Gettik hair fibers application