Viera’s Story

I started noticing my parting thinning gradually when the menopause began.

What do I need?

I’ve never been overly concerned with my appearance, but I found thinning hair made me hesitant and worried. My husband says he doesn’t notice but I think he does. I had to find a solution to hide my increasingly obvious parting.

How to achieve this?

1. Stop hair loss & get a regrowth

My work, and in years gone by, my children, take a lot of my time, and so I have never taken much care of my hair. It has always been quite fine and easily split or broken, but I’ve never really noticed or worried too much about it.

Gradually over the last few years I have been able to see more and more of my parting, as if I have less hair there, especially where my parting meets my forehead. I started to feel older than I should. I found it was making me increasingly hesitant, especially being surrounded by young people at work, I suddenly felt exposed and out of place. I did look at Minoxidil treatments or even fixed hair pieces, and you might want to consider these, but they seemed too much of a commitment for me.

I also use the Hair Vitamins with Biotin to slow the progression of my hair thinning. As I am more confident with Gettik, I now also use the Gettik Shampoo and Hair Mask which again have been excellent. You see my normally dry hair only made the thinning condition look worse, and so fixing that has also made a big difference.

2. Cover my thinning areas

I found Gettik Hair Fibers on the internet, it seemed perfect. I use the Fibers to hide my parting, it’s such an amazing difference from a simple idea! Then using the Fixing Spray also means I don’t have to worry about anyone noticing, even in the pouring rain.

My Daily Hair Routine

For healthy hair growth

For covering my balding spots

My Hair Fibers Application

The Results

Before & after the Gettik hair fibers application